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Shooters behold, the ultimate pig hunting rig is here - the Akkar 3 Hog Stopper Blued.
The ground breaking Akkar 3 triple barrel shotgun is now available in a handy 20" model that's easy to swing in thick scrub or from a vehicle. The perfect companion for your bike, quad or ATV, this gun was built for the rough and tumble of fast pig hunting action. With 50 percent more firepower you're guaranteed to increase your hog hunting tally.
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Ever missed your target and wished you had a third barrel? Now you can with Akkar's revolutionary triple barrel shotgun featuring the middle barrel on top, delivering all the advantages of a central rib single sighting plane design.

At the turn of last century, several well-known British gun makers unsuccessfully experimented with multi-barrelled designs and found that they did not have the technology to keep the weight down to practical levels.

This problem has now been overcome with Akkar applying the latest metallurgy and barrel manufacturing technology to their own triple barrel design. The result is a gun that balances and swings well with a total weight of only 8.7lbs (3.94kg) for the 28 inch barrel model. Most people report that the Akkar 3 points and shoots like any normal over and under, and after a few minutes they quickly forget that they aren't shooting a normal 2 barrelled gun. They also note that the trigger pull is light and crisp, and that the gun it is very soft on recoil. All in all, a truly remarkable gun. Available in a 28 inch barrel length for the avid wingshooter and general field hunter. Also available in a 20 inch barrel length for hunting in thick scrub or from the quad bike or ATV.


  • All weather black synthetic stock
  • Screw-in-chokes
  • Ventilated rib
  • Single mechanical trigger
  • Extractor
  • Soft recoil pad
  • 3 inch chambers
  • Hard carry case
  • 5 Year warranty

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