Cerakote is a ceramic coating that is available for use on firearms and car parts. It is immune to corrosion and extremely tough. We have a wide selection of colors available. JAG Game and Marine are certified applicators of Cerakote. Below is our price-list and the full range of colours available. All listed prices are estimated, please enquire for a quote or any additional information.

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Cerakote Price List

Barrel or action only 110 Scope 275
Barreled action (without sights) 195 Scope rings, base and screws 110
Barreled action (with sights) 270 Tactical scope 380
Rifle bolt 195 Muzzle break 65
Side-by-Side shotgun barrels (below) - Bipod 340
Short barrel 225 Detachable magazine 50
Long barrel 240 Light or laser 80
Handgun frame 270 Barrel flutes 140
Handgun slide 130 Gold trigger 30
Handgun grips 60 Knife blades (single colour) 65
Stock 195
Stock (clear coat) 100


Basic bolt-action 380-480 Works bolt-action 570-670
Basic lever/pump-action 450 Works lever/pump-action 670
Shotgun 330-770
Handgun (Revolver) 370 Handgun (Autoloader) 470

Basic - External metalwork

Works - External and internal metalwork + microslick